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Terms & Conditions

A legal disclaimer


Counselling is for everyone & anyone to explore the difficulties they are having in life. However, it may not be the most appropriate approach if you are experiencing a severe mental health problem. It would be advisable in these circumstances to seek treatment from your doctor or a mental health professional. Everything will be kept confidential between you & I, except if I have concerns over your risk & safety or the risk & safety of someone else. In which case I would then have to contact the relevant services & professionals such as your GP or the mental health team’ etc.


Personal Information will be stored to an external hard-drive and deleted at the conclusion of our work together. Personal Information will not be shared with a third party.



If you wish to use a holistic approach alongside a more formal approach, I am open to working alongside Professional agencies with your consent and their knowledge..

Bookings and Cancellations

Booking be made 48hr in advance
Cancellations made 48hr prior to your appointment to receive a full refund

Price, £60 per hour


Miss three consecutive sessions, and unfortunately I will be unable to continue working with you.

Verbal abuse, threats, derogatory language used in conjunction with any and all aspects of marginalised groups, sexuality, religion etc will terminate our working together.

You the client agree to be available at the agreed day and time, ready to engage. Please do not engage with Messenger, WhatsApp, phone calls etc. during the session, this is YOUR time

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