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"Wheels of Wellness: The Biker’s Guide to Self-Care"

Is self-care all about bubble baths and sparkles? For some, it definitely is. However, for myself and many others, it's all about our bikes. Tinkering with them, polishing them, loving them, riding them, and meeting fellow bikers.

You may be wondering why. Simply put, that machine is our pride and joy. It represents our freedom from the rat race, the complete opposite of our daily grind, and an escape from the avalanche of worldly pressures.

The next time you need to take off and escape, do it. Feel your lifeblood roar through you as your machine picks up energy and speed. Feel your heartbeat in time with the rhythm of the road. As you settle into the ride with no real destination, embrace the freedom, the sun or rain, the wind, as your mind quiets and you become one with your machine. Take that time out to be on the road with no other care than the bike between your legs, the noise of the engine, and the wind in your face. Lose yourself to the world and find yourself within.

We all need self-care, and I’ve learned an important lesson: self-care is about what you want and need to make you happy, relaxed, and in control of your life. I've struggled with self-care over the years because bubble baths and sparkles aren't my thing. I thought going out riding was avoidance or selfishness. So many times, I’ve wanted to just ride but felt, "No, you have to do A, B, and C." No, we don't. We need to ride".

When I jump on my trike and set off in any direction I choose, I experience an exhilarating sense of freedom that ignites my soul and spirit. The rush of wind against my face, the hum of the engine beneath me—these sensations make my blood race and my heartbeat sync with the rhythm of the road. In those moments, I am truly alive, fully immersed in the present, shedding all worries and constraints.

It's during these rides that I discover a profound peace and clarity of mind. The open road becomes my sanctuary, a canvas upon which I can paint my thoughts and emotions. It's a blissful state where I can reflect, appreciate the beauty around me, and embrace the raw essence of existence. Is it love for the journey, the freedom of the open throttle, or the tranquillity of solitude? Perhaps it's all of these intertwined—a deep-rooted, primal emotion that defies simple definition.

For bikers like me, self-care extends beyond mere relaxation; it's a transformative experience that nurtures the soul and nourishes the spirit. It's about embracing the freedom to roam, to feel the pulse of life with every twist of the throttle. It's finding solace in the journey, where the road ahead holds endless possibilities and each mile brings a renewed sense of self-discovery and fulfilment.

Ride on, my brothers and sisters, for in these moments, we discover the true essence of self-care—it's liberation, its passion, it's life itself unfolding beneath our wheels.

 This is self-care unleashed!

Embrace Your Power

Liz Wilde

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